HC Deb 26 February 1920 vol 125 cc1904-5

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer which were the Government Departments that failed to reply by 1st January, the date laid down to the Cabinet letter of 20th November last in regard to the cutting down of expenditure?


The replies of fifteen Departments were not received till after the 1st January. Of these five replied within a week, and replies have since been received from all the rest except the Admiralty. I should add that the Admiralty had sent a forecaste of their staff reductions to the Secretariat before the Cabinet letter of the 20th was issued. They have since been reviewing their position again, and I expect a further report shortly. I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT the names of the twenty Departments in question.

Following are the names of the Departments:

Ministry of Pensions, Board of Agriculture, Department of Overseas Trade, Scottish Office. General Post Office, Ministry of Munitions, Home Office, Ministry of Shipping, Hoard of Trade, Board of Customs and Excise, Board of Education, Admiralty, Civil Service Commission, Irish Office, Public Record Office.


Will the right hon. Gentleman also be able to publish, in a shape of a White Paper, the replies?


No, Sir I do not propose to do that. This was a return called for by the Cabinet, and it was for the information of the Cabinet.