HC Deb 24 February 1920 vol 125 cc1483-4
73. Brigadier-General COLVIN

asked the Food Controller whether, in arranging for the distribution of sugar for jam making, consideration will be given to the requirements of women's institutes which are largely engaged in that industry, and who may now be said to represent the industrial women in the rural districts?


I have been asked to reply. The Sugar Commission allotted 50 tons of sugar last year to this Department for distribution to the Women's Institutes for jam-making, and I understand they propose making a similar allotment in the forthcoming season. The value of the work of the Women's Institutes is fully appreciated by the Ministry, and in view of the remarkable increase in the number of Institutes, it is hoped that it may be possible for the Sugar Commission to increase this allowance proportionately.

74. Mr. SWAN

asked the Food Controller if he was aware of the discontent generally and specifically with local food control committees due to the very low-sugar ration, which they maintain is unnecessarily low if the supplies of sugar at present in ports and docks were dis- tributed; and what steps are being taken to get the stocks of sugar distributed so that the domestic ration can be increased?

Mr. PARKER (Lord of the Treasury)

The Food Controller is aware of the unpopularity of the diminished sugar ration, and regrets the necessity which led to its reduction. An increase will be effected as soon as circumstances permit. In gauging the extent to which stocks already in the United Kingdom may with safety be drawn upon for this purpose, regard must be paid to the prospects of supplies and requirements not only in the immediate future, but at later periods, since any lack of caution now might later on necessitate drastic reductions or forced purchases at abnormal prices.

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