HC Deb 24 February 1920 vol 125 c1467

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs on what date the Government gave de facto recognition to the dependent republics of Georgia, Armenia (Eriwan), and Azerbidjian; whether, in accordance with such recognition, official representatives have been exchanged between this country and those republics; whether the boundaries of these, three States have been fixed provisionally; and will he have placed in the Tea Room of the House a map showing the provisional boundaries of these States?


Instructions were sent to the British Chief Commissioner for the Caucasus on January 10th to inform the Georgian and Azerbaijan Governments that the Allied Powers re presented on the Supreme Council had decided to grant de facto recognition to Georgia and Azerbaijan, but that this decision did not prejudge the question of their respective boundaries; a similar telegram regarding the Eriwan Republic of Armenia was sent on January 21st. There has been no change in representation as a result of this recognition; as before, His Majesty's Government have a British Chief Commissioner for the Caucasus with headquarters at Tiflis, and the three Republics have their accredited representatives in London. The boundaries of the three States have been provisionally fixed between themselves, but a great deal of territory is in dispute. A map will be placed in the Tea Boom showing approximately the provisional boundaries of the three Republics.