HC Deb 18 February 1920 vol 125 cc880-1

asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that dissatisfaction is caused to many local civil liability committees owing to their carefully considered recommendations being rejected by the Civil Liability Commissioners without any reason being assigned; and if he can see his way to have this method of procedure altered?


I understand the hon. Member to mean by local civil liabilities committees, War Pensions Committees. On this assumption, I would state that wherever possible the grounds upon which the decisions of the Civil Liabilities Department are reached are communicated to these committees. All applications are decided in accordance with the Treasury Regulations by which the Department is governed. It is true that the Department is sometimes unable to accept the recommendations of local War Pensions Committees, but this is frequently due to the fact that local committees have failed to recognise that the regulations governing the grants of the Civil Liabilities Department are different from those under which the King's Fund, which is now ended, was operated. Every endeavour is being made to remove misunderstandings on the part of the War Pensions Committees, and they have been assured that where their recommendations are in accordance with the regulations, grants will be made.


Has the procedure been established which states that if a man has been discharged from the Service 12 months he is not entitled to claim anything from the Civil Liabilities Commission, and docs that apply to men who have been receiving training or treatment?


I think the hon. Member will find an answer to that question in detail in a reply given on Wednesday or Thursday last week.