HC Deb 16 February 1920 vol 125 cc488-9
13. Sir R. COOPER

asked the President of the Board of Trade how many firms have been licensed to import potash from Germany; and what regulations have been imposed on licensed importers regarding the sale price or percentage of profit at which German potash may be resold?


No import licences are required for the importation into this country of potash from Germany. Certain quantities of potash salts have been received from Germany by His Majesty's Government as part payment for food supplied to Germany. They are taken over from the British Government by the British Potash Company for resale under the authority of the Potash Distribution Committee, which was set up to regulate the prices and conditions of sale. Maximum prices to consumers have been fixed, and the profits of the British Potash Company are limited to 1 per cent. of the gross turnover of the contract plus one-third of any further profit, the remaining two-thirds reverting to the Government.


Is it a fact that the importation of this potash is really in the hands of one firm in this country?


I do not know anything about the commercial importation of potash. No import licences are required, but in so far as we receive this in payment from Germany, the British Government is bringing it in.

14. Sir R. COOPER

asked the President of the Board of Trade the quantity and value of potash compounds, distinguishing those used for agricultural from those used for other industrial purposes, imported from Germany and Alsace since the Armistice: the ruling price of potash in Germany; and at what prices German potash compounds have been sold to the English public for industrial purposes?


As the answer, to this question involves a statistical Table, I will, with the permission of the House, have a statement circulated in the OFFICIAL REPORT.