HC Deb 27 April 1920 vol 128 c1006

I desire to present a petition from tradesmen, workmen, manufacturers, merchants, and other citizens of the city and environments of Nottingham. The petition showeth: That until the 2nd of February, 1917—


The hon. Member must not read the petition. He may summarise it and state briefly its object.


One sentence will summarise it— Until the 2nd of February, 1917, there existed an entrance to the Midland Station opposite Stratton Street which gave access to and from the centre of the station to various platforms, which entrance was of the greatest convenience. Your petitioners, therefore, pray that this honourable House will give direction to the Minister of Transport to call upon the Midland Railway Company to re-open that entrance. The petition is signed by the Mayor, Sheriff, and the Town Clerk on behalf of the civic authorities of Nottingham, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, and the members of the Council, and 18,000 other users of the railway.