HC Deb 28 October 1919 vol 120 cc459-62
21. Captain COOTE

asked the Secretary of State for War what progress is being made with the preparation of the conditions of service in the post-war Territorial Force; what inducements he proposes to offer in order to attract suitable recruits to this force; and whether he has considered the advantages of offering reduced rates of Income Tax to all members of this force?


I am not in a position to make any definite statement at present.

Major NALL

Will the right hon. Gentleman consider all that is required is to assure men that they will be re-engaged on the terms existing before the War?


The hon. and gallant Member knows that the conditions of service are under consideration at the present moment.

Captain COOTE

Is it the attitude of the War Office that the Territorial Force is not required at all?


I can assure my hon. and gallant Friend if he thinks that, he is under a misapprehension.

Major NALL

Why are fourteen major-generals drawing pay and allowances?


asked the Secretary of State for War if he is aware that dissatisfaction exists among the members of the Territorial Force Nursing Service, engaged in our home military hospitals, by reason of the fact that they are not to receive the war medal or victory medal the same as those who went overseas; that many of these devoted women volunteered for overseas service but were commanded to remain on duty in this country, where they received the wounded from overseas and rendered most efficient and invaluable service in nursing our soldiers and sailors back to health; will lie consider their claims for recognition; and does he propose to take any action in the matter?


As I have already stated, the question elf the award of a medal to those who rendered services in connection with the Army at home during the War is receiving careful consideration.

36. Lieut.-Colonel POWNALL

asked the Secretary of State for War whether the commanding officers of the reconstituted Territorial Force units have been decided on; if so, when their appointments will be gazetted; whether enlistment is to start on 1st November as promised; and whether he is in a position to make public the conditions of service?


The future organisation of the Territorial Force has not yet been decided, and meanwhile no appointments to command of units have been made. The terms and conditions of service are still under discussion, and until a final decision is arrived at enlistments cannot commence.

Lieut.-Colonel POWNALL

May I ask whether any sums for the Territorial Force were included in the Army Estimates in the White Paper circulated yesterday, and, if so, what amount?


I think that raises a different question, and perhaps my hon. Friend would give notice.

37. Lieut.-Colonel POWNALL

asked the Secretary of State for War whether it is the intention of the War Office to make officers and men of the Territorial Force, when not embodied, liable to be called out as a military body in aid of the civil power; and, if so, whether he is aware of the serious effect such a Clause would have on recruiting?


No such decision has been reached. The future terms and conditions of service of the Territorial Force are still under consideration.

38. Lieut.-Colonel POWNALL

asked the Secretary of State for War whether his attention has been drawn to War Office Letter 9/General Number 9,598 (M.S. 4) of 1st October, stating that no officer who has been in command of a unit for four years is to command a unit of the reconstituted Territorial Force; whether this applies to those who have held only acting or temporary command during the War; and whether, seeing that under the Territorial Force Regulations the period could be extended up to eight years and in view of the importance of taking advantage of war experience, he will consider extending the above period of four years for a further two years in special cases?


The letter referred to by my hon. and gallant Friend applies only to those who have held the substan- tive rank of lieutenant-colonel for four years, and. the intention is that, in order to secure a flow of promotion and to enable young officers with war experience to be selected for command of battalions, etc., the term of command should not be extended beyond the normal period of four years.