HC Deb 20 November 1919 vol 121 cc1120-1
37. Captain ORMSBY-GORE

asked when it is proposed to take the next stage of the Government of India Bill?


My right hon. Friend (Mr. Bonar Law) will answer when he makes his statement as to the Business of the House.

Colonel YATE

I beg to ask the Leader of the House whether he can give me a reply to the question, of which I gave him private notice yesterday, to this effect: What time is to be allowed to the House for the perusal of all the Papers published with the Report of the Joint Select Committee on the Government of India Bill before the Bill is brought up for consideration in Committee of the Whole House?

Mr. BONAR LAW (Leader of the House)

I have considered the question of my hon. and gallant Friend, and we have decided that this will not be taken at the beginning of next week, as contemplated, but on Thursday of next week.

Colonel YATE

Does my right hon. Friend think that one week is sufficient for us to study this document, which was published yesterday, and are we not to be allowed to have any opportunity of hearing the opinions of the Governors and the peoples of India on the Report of the Joint Committee, seeing that that Committee entirely amended the Bill? Will he not give further time?

Sir J. D. REES

Is my right hon. Friend aware that there is already disappointment in India at the delay which has occurred in carrying out the policy announced by the Government, and accepted by Parliament?


As my hon. Friend presents the document, it looks very formidable, but that big; volume is mainly composed of evidence which has largely appeared in the Press, and, therefore, those who are interested in it have, I am sure, followed it closely. The fact is, as I said yesterday, if this Bill is to be carried at all, and if it is to do any good, it is essential that there should not be delay. We must therefore press it forward, and I do hope my hon. Friend and the House will realise that it is necessary to get the Bill before the House adjourns.

Colonel YATE

May I ask you, Sir, whether I shall be in order to move the Adjournment of the House on this very important question of what procedure it will be proper to take to enable the House to have sufficient time for this?


As I pointed out to the hon. and gallant Gentleman yesterday, I think his proper procedure is, when the Committee is called and the House starts work, if he thinks sufficient time has not been given, to move to report Progress in order that the House may have more time.

Colonel YATE

Thank you, Sir; I will do so.

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