HC Deb 19 November 1919 vol 121 cc921-2

IMPORTS AND EXPORTS REGULATION BILL, —" to constitute a Trade Regulation Committee, to regulate the importation of goods with a view to preventing dumping, safeguarding key industries and industries affected by the depreciation of a Foreign currency, and assisting the revival of hop-growing, to regulate temporarily the exportation of certain goods, and to authorise the granting of credits and undertaking of insurances for the purpose of re-establishing overseas trade, and for other purposes incidental to the objects aforesaid," presented by Sir AUCKLAND GEDDES; supported by Sir Alfred Mond, Sir Laming Worthington-Evans, the Lord Advocate, Mr. Baldwin, Sir Hamar Greenwood, and Mr. Bridgeman; to be read a second time To-morrow, and to be printed. [Bill 211.]

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