HC Deb 10 November 1919 vol 121 cc36-8
45. Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

asked the Prime Minister who will be the British representatives at the first meeting of the Council of the League of Nations; whether the House of Commons will be allowed any voice in their selection; whether Papers of the proceedings will be laid upon the Table of the House of Commons; and to what Votes will the salaries and expenses of the British representatives on the Council be charged?


The British Government will, if possible, be represented at the first meeting by the Foreign Secretary. This appointment must, of course, be made on the responsibility of the Government. To what extent the pro- ceedings will be published must be decided by the Council of the League. There will be a special Vote for the League of Nations.

Lieut-Commander KENWORTHY

May I ask whether my right hon. Friend is voicing the policy of the Government in that only one party in. this House is to be represented on the Council of the League? Is this to be the future policy of the Government?


The hon. and gallant Gentleman has evidently not looked at the constitution of the League. There can be only one representative.

Lieut.-Colonel THORNE

How long will it be before the Government make up their minds what they are going to do with regard to this League of Nations?


My answer shows that we have already agreed to a representative at the first meeting. The ultimate fate of the League of Nations does not depend on this country alone, but, as

First Report.
Paragraph 2.
It would seem advisable that Treasury control should not only be resumed as quickly as possible, but that it should also be strengthened. This has been done.
Paragraph 9.
The Accounting Officer of each spending Department should be a Treasury official appointed by and responsible solely to the Treasury. This suggestion, together with others for strengthening the hands of Accounting Officers, is being considered by the Committee of Financial Officers presided over by the Secretary to the Treasury.
Paragraph 12.
Sums realised from the sale of surplus stores should be paid into a suspense account which should only be dealt with by the Treasury. The bulk of these receipts for this year have already been appropriated by Parliament in aid of the Votes of certain Departments. These sums cannot be dealt with except in accordance with the Parliament authority so given. But the whole system of Appropriations-in-Aid will be reconsidered before next year.
Paragraph 25.
Provision of motor cars for the use of Ministers, officers, and officials should be discontinued. Ministers surrendered their motor cars at the close of the Summer Session. It would be neither economical nor possible to abolish the use of cars on Government service altogether, but their number has been largely reduced and their use brought under stricter control.

the hon. and gallant Gentleman knows, must depend very largely on what is done in America.

Lieut. - Commander. KENWORTHY

Have the Government chosen representatives for the Assembly of the League as distinct from the Council?


The hon. and gallant Gentleman had better put that question, down.