HC Deb 10 November 1919 vol 121 cc42-3

asked the Prime Minister if be is now able to give the names and qualifications of the Commissioners to be appointed under the Forestry Act?


As the answer to this question is rather long, I propose, with the permission of the hon. Member, to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.


Will the Commissioner who is to be appointed Parliamentary representative be a supporter of the Government or a member of the Independent Liberal Opposition; and if he is to be a member of the Independent Liberal Opposition, will the Government kindly reconsider, that, as it will form an obvious anomaly?


Perhaps my hon. Friend will wait to see the answer in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

The following is the answer referred to: Names and qualifications of Commisioners to be appointed under the Forestry Act.

Lord Lovat (Chairman),

Owner of extensive woodlands and closely identified with forestry in Scotland. Director of Forestry, B.E.F., France. Member of Forestry Reconstruction Sub-Committee and of the Interim Forest Authority.

Mr. F. D. Acland, M.P.,

Chairman, Home-Grown Timber Committee. Chairman of the Forestry Reconstruction Sub-Committee. Chairman of the Interim Forest Authority

Lord Clinton,

Former President of English Forestry Association. Member of Interim Forest Authority.

Mr. L. Forestier-Walker, M.P.,

Will answer for the Commission in the House of Commons. Will represent Wales.

Sir John Stirling-Maxwell, Bart.,

Assistant Controller (Scotland) Timber Supply Department, Board of Trade. Honorary Secretary, former President, Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society. Member of Forestry Sub-Committee. Will represent Scotland.

Mr. T. B. Ponsonby,

Member of Interim Forest Authority. Identified with Forestry in Ireland. Will represent Ireland.

Mr. R. L. Robinson,

Member of Interim Forest Authority. Secretary Forestry Reconstruction Sub-Committee. Formerly Head of Joint Forestry Branches of the Board of Agriculture and Office of Woods. Distinguished career at Adelaide and Oxford Universities in Pure Science and Forestry.

Colonel W. T. Steuart-Fotheringham,

Member of Interim Forestry Authority. Assistant to Assistant Controller (Scotland) Timber Supply Department. Identified with Forestry Development in Scotland. Will represent Scotland.