HC Deb 27 May 1919 vol 116 c1035

I beg to ask the Leader of the House whether he can see his way to reconsider the arrangements for the Whitsuntide Recess and allow the. House to adjourn three days earlier and meet three days earlier, in order to afford Members an opportunity of taking advantage of the Epsom carnival to study the social habits of the people and form an opinion as to the possibility of obtaining revenue by taxes upon racing and betting?


We desired to meet as well as we could the general convenience of the House. I was aware of the carnival to which my hon. Friend has referred, but I thought that, taking the Members as a whole, they would prefer to get away at the end of the week and come back at the beginning of the week. I regret the inconvenience to which my hon. Friend is exposed, but we must do what we often have to do, and that is. decide between two duties.


Docs the right hon. Gentleman realise that his decision will deprive the House of the services of several of its most useful Members, who are determined, at any inconvenience, to go down to Surrey to study this problem on the spot?