HC Deb 27 May 1919 vol 116 cc1005-6
11. Mr. SITCH

asked the Secretary of State for War if he will consider the advisability of recommending to His Majesty an amendment of the Order governing the issue of the silver badge, now restricted only to men invalided out of the Navy or Army, so as to include all who have served in any of His Majesty's Forces, thereby affording visual evidence of an authoritative character of services rendered and thus remove any doubt that may at present arise through the indiscriminate wearing of regimental badges, buttons, or other devices procurable by any man who chooses to adopt them?


The hon. Member's proposal would have the effect of making the Silver War Badge a commemorative medal, which was not the original intention of the award. The badge is a distinctive mark for those who, having served during the War, were compelled to return to civil life through physical disabilities. Visual evidence of an authoritative character of service rendered will be afforded by the War medals and their ribbons.


Can the right hon. Gentleman say that the average man who is demobilised need not apply for the Silver Badge? It will save a great deal of trouble If he will say authoritatively that a man who is simply demobilised need not apply.


I am afraid I cannot say that without notice. I have not lately gone into the conditions of the award of the Silver Badge, but I will look into it.