HC Deb 22 May 1919 vol 116 c577

Will the Leader of the House tell us what business we are going to take next week?


In consequence of the announcement made in answer to a question with regard to beer, my right hon. Friend will have an additional Financial Resolution to propose either on Monday or Tuesday—he does not yet know which. Apart from that, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we hope to take the Housing Bill, with which we shall begin and continue until it is finished. We hope also in those three days that we shall be able to take the Land Acquisition Bill, the Local Government (Ireland) Bill, and possibly some other smaller measures. On Thursday it will be Supply, the Army Estimates.


Can my right hon. Friend say anything about the Recess?


I have been carefully considering this matter with my Noble Lord (Lord Edmund Talbot), and I am in a little difficulty about it. I feel, as was indicated at Question Time, that Members have been subjected to very unusual pressure this Session, and I am inclined to think that even in the interests of business it might be advantageous to have a fairly long Recess, so that Members might come back to their work with renewed vigour. On the other hand, we have a great deal of work to do, and I should therefore be obliged if the question were put again on Monday, when I will give a definite answer.


Will the right hon Gentleman so adjust the time of the House as to avoid the necessity for an Autumn Session, which is very injurious to the public service and also leads to extravagance in the public finances?


My Noble Friend knows that I and everyone who has been in the Government think that it is very bad not merely for Ministers, or chiefly for Ministers, but for the Civil servants to have continuous sittings of the House, but whether or not it will be possible to avoid an Autumn Session this year it is quite impossible to say now.