HC Deb 14 May 1919 vol 115 cc1580-1

asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the feeling long existing in Scotland, which found frequent expression at the recent General Election, that the control of purely Scottish affairs should be vested in a Scottish Parliament, and moreover, having regard to the urgency of relieving the constantly growing congestion of business in the House of Commons, he will consider the desirability of setting up at an early date a Scottish Convention to advise and make recommendations as to what measure of Home Rule, consistent with the maintenance of the Union, should be granted to Scotland?


The Government cannot undertake to adopt the course suggested.

Lieut.-Colonel A. MURRAY

Will the right hon. Gentleman not take any steps whatever to grant Home Rule to Scotland; and is he aware that the extension of the Grand Committee system which the Government introduced has proved perfectly impossible?


I hope the last part of the hon. Member's question is not correct. The impossibility will be judged by the results of the Bills. Certainly at present the Government are not prepared to take any steps in that direction.

Lieutenant-Commander KENWORTHY

Will the right hon. Gentleman consider the sending of an army to Scotland immediately?