HC Deb 08 May 1919 vol 115 cc1114-5
Lieutenant-Colonel A. C. MURRAY

I beg to ask a question relating to the practice in the Division Lobbies of this House. Prior to the War the practice was for every Division to have three clerks who ticked off the Members as they went through the Division Lobby. That ensured the maximum possible rapidity in taking Divisions. Now there are only two clerks. I desire to ask you whether it would not be possible to revert to the former practice. It would certainly be acceptable to the Government and to a great many of their supporters who desire to vote with them?


That matter was considered at the commencement of the Session, and, after making full inquiries, I came to the conclusion that it would not facilitate the rapidity with which Members passed through the Division Lobby. The block occurs in going out of the door where Members have to go singly. Therefore, the passing through three clerks at the turnstiles would not facilitate matters, while it would add largely to the expense and would involve considerable addition to the staff of clerks. Several more would have to be added to their body in the course of attendance day and night. For this reason it was not adopted.