HC Deb 27 March 1919 vol 114 cc568-9
41 and 42. Mr. RUPERT GWYNNE

asked the Minister of Labour (1) whether there is any way by which soldiers and sailors who have started learning a trade whilst in hospital under the direction, of the education officer and who have been demobilised before their training has been completed, and whose disablement is not sufficient to bring them under the Ministry of Pensions, can get a grant to enable them to finish their course of training; if so, to whom should application be made; (2) if he could arrange for education officers attached to military hospitals in such cases where they have arranged for the training of men in certain trades to have power to recommend to the local pensions committee, or some other authority, that on demobilisation a grant should be made to enable a man to finish his course of training?

The MINISTER of LABOUR (Sir R. Horne)

I am in close touch with the War Office and the Ministry of Pensions with regard to the continuance of the training of sailors and soldiers after they are released from hospital. The question of what provision is to be made for the training of men who are not covered by the terms of the Royal Warrant is under consideration, and the suggestion made by the hon. Member in this connection will not be overlooked. An announcement will be made as soon as possible.


In view of the fact that men who have been undergoing training are now being discharged from hospital, will the right hon. Gentleman press forward the inquiries as soon as possible?


The inquiries are being pressed forward as rapidly as we can. The hon. Member will realise that a certain amount of communication has to take place between the Minister of Labour, the Minister of Pensions, and the War Office in this connection.

Lieutenant-Colonel C. LOWTHER

Is it not a fact that the "Comrades of the Great War" was established for this specific purpose, or for one of these purposes, and why is it that an institution which is backed by the Government, and which has such an excellent object in view, has been allowed to drop into obscurity?


I am afraid the Government cannot be regarded as responsible for the operations of the "Comrades of the Great War."