HC Deb 26 March 1919 vol 114 c402

asked the Prime Minister whether the Government has considered, and whether, if so, he proposes to adopt, the following suggestions of the Select Committee on National Expenditure (Ninth Report, Session 1918), in respect of Money Resolutions for Bills: that the terms of the Money Resolutions should be placed on the Notice Paper of the House, and that in the case of Bills not originating in Committee this should be done before the Second Reading of the Bill; that, wherever possible, the Resolution should comprise a statement of the probable expenditure, whether capital or annual, or be accompanied by a White Paper furnishing such a statement or, in cases where the conditions do not allow such a forecast by a White Paper, containing a full explanation of the reasons why a forecast is not possible?


The Government propose to adopt these suggestions whenever possible; but I do not think that any fixed rule can conveniently be laid down, and there will be many cases where the existing practice must remain.


Will the right hon. Gentleman be able to follow this new rule in the case of the Housing Bill which is shortly coming before us?


I am not sure. I have not looked into it, but we are asking Departments responsible for Bills, wherever possible, to adopt this course.