HC Deb 26 March 1919 vol 114 cc396-7

asked the Secretary of State for War whether the Roads Department under the Director of Lands has recently been re-organised with an increased staff under a brigadier-general as director; what are the functions of this Department; and what are the qualifications of the director for this post?

Captain GUEST

When the office of Controller of Roads and Bridges was abolished its staff, together with the executive organisation of the Road Board, was merged in that of the Joint Roads Committee and the work co-ordinated with, that of the Road Stone Control Committee, but there has been no increase of staff.

The functions of the branch comprise all questions affecting construction, maintenance, and repair of roads for war purposes, also investigation for settlement on behalf of all Government Departments of claims by highway authorities for damage by extraordinary traffic. The administrative officer, who was previously deputy to the Controller of Roads and Bridges, is considered to be fully qualified for the duties of his post.


Will the hon. Member explain, if there has been no re-organisation, how it is that this officer has only been gazetted six months as brigadier-general, whereas his predecessor was lieutenant-colonel?

Captain GUEST

I gather that this officer is considered to be a suitable one for the post and the duties which he has to perform.