HC Deb 19 March 1919 vol 113 cc2101-2

I desire to ask your Ruling, Mr. Speaker, in regard to a matter arising out of the new seating arrangements. As at present arranged, a Member can obtain a ticket from the messenger at the door, and can place his ticket upon the seat. If he turns up at Prayers that seat is his; but if he does not turn up at Prayers the seat belongs to the Member who occupies it at Prayers; but unfortunately, to-day, there were no tickets on the Table and no messenger at the door, and the Member who turns up at Prayers and sits in a certain seat cannot keep it, because he has no ticket to place on the seat. Could some arrangement be made to enable Members to obtain seats?


I will instruct the messenger, when he leaves the door before Prayers, to put a few tickets on the Table as usual, so that any hon. Members who are present at Prayers can sign their names and take their places.