HC Deb 13 March 1919 vol 113 cc1462-3
60. Lieutenant-Colonel ARCHER-SHEE

asked the Prime Minister whether our representatives on the Reparation Commission have been instructed to press for the full amount of indemnities due to this country, so that in the event of a proportionate distribution of the amount obtainable we shall obtain our full and proper quota?


I cannot add anything to the very definite statements which have been already made on this subject.

Lieutenant-Colonel GUINNESS

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that this is the third time that he has felt himself unable to answer on this point: are we to assume, that the answer is in the negative?


That would not be aright assumption. On the last occasion I reminded my hon. Friend that if he put the same question every week he could only get the same answer. The position of the Government on the matter has been made quite clear.

Lieutenant-Colonel ARCHER-SHEE

May I ask whether, in view of the widespread rumours that we are not insisting upon our full indemnity, the right hon. Gentleman will at any rate give us a little more information than he has done up till now?


It is impossible to give more information. The policy of the Government has been made quite clear. It is that we shall take everything which, in the opinion of our Commission, Germany is able to pay. We cannot go beyond that.


and Brigadier-General CROFT rose—


Any further questions must be put down.