HC Deb 11 March 1919 vol 113 c1059

asked the Secretary of State for War whether, seeing that a soldier who has served throughout the War as a commissioned officer, and who, shortly before being demobilised, has been promoted, for example, to the rank of lieutenant-colonel, is entitled to a gratuity for the whole period of his service on the lieutenant-colonel scale, whereas a soldier who has served during the earlier period of the War as a private, and who for his bravery and good conduct has been promoted to commissioned rank, is not entitled to a gratuity for the whole period of his service determined in amount by the rank he held at the time of his demobilisation, he will take steps to remedy this inequality of treatment in the case of two presumably equally meritorious soldiers?

Captain GUEST

No, Sir. All these points have been very fully considered by the War Cabinet, and I do not propose to reopen the question. A man who has borne the responsibilities of an officer throughout the War is properly given an advantage over one who became an officer Just before its close.

Captain LOSEBY

Is it not possible for these men to have their gratuity at any rate for the time they have served as officers?

Captain GUEST

This has been considered fully in all its bearings by the War Cabinet, and a decision has been arrived at.


Why do not the different Departments of State do the thing in the same way? Is the hon. Gentleman aware that disability pension is paid according to the rank on discharge, and why should not a gratuity be paid in the same way?

Captain GUEST

This is a decision arrived at by the War Cabinet on a matter within the control of the War Office, and beyond that I cannot go.