HC Deb 05 March 1919 vol 113 cc386-7



asked the Secretary of State for War whether his attention has been called to the case of William G. Jones, 194026, Royal Air Force, who, on joining on the 7th June, 1918, was classified A 1, and on being demobilised on the 28th January was placed in Grade 1 after the following record: 17th July, placed in a draft for France, but found unfit for service overseas owing to D.A.H. and nervous debility; sent to Uxbridge for a course of aerial gunnery, found unfit, excused drills and marches, and declared unfit for all military duty; 30th September, sent to the Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich, and marked for immediate discharge; 12th October, transferred to 1st Eastern General Hospital, Cambridge, where he was examined by a specialist, and his discharge papers prepared; 22nd October, sent to Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital, Wisbech, to be examined by a medical board 4th November, sent home without examination; 21st November, recalled for examination, but informed on arrival that as one of his papers was missing he could not be examined; 23rd November, sent home; 13th January, recalled to Cambridge for re-examination, but sent to East Preston Hospital without being examined; 20th January, examined by two officers, who declared the soldier's nerves to be bad; sent to Chester War Hospital, where he was placed in Grade 1 and demobilised on the 28th January; whether he is aware that the soldier was not allowed his ordinary pay while at home; and whether, in view of this record, he will cause the soldier to be re-examined by a medical board in order that he may be placed in his proper category?

Mr. PRATT (Lord of the Treasury)

I am causing full inquiry to be made into this case and will acquaint my hon. Friend with the results at an early date.