HC Deb 05 March 1919 vol 113 cc375-6

asked the Secretary of State for War why Private G. J. Webb, No. 174486, 315 (H.S.) Works Company, Old Bell Inn, Exeter Street, Salisbury, has not been discharged; whether he enlisted on 15th November, 1916, being then and prior to 1914 owner of a one-man plumbing business at Kingswood, Bristol; whether certificate (D.F. 2B) signed by Ministry of Labour and Local Advisory Committee, Bristol, dated 15th January, 1919, was forwarded to the proper authority on 18th January, 1919, through his commanding officer; whether he is entitled to his release under Army Order 14 of 1917, Chap. 3, Sec. 7, under which men whose special release has been recommended to the War Office by the Ministry of Labour before 1st February, 1919, should be discharged by the War Office on Army Form Z 56; and why, as a civilian plumber has just been substituted to do his work, he is detained, having regard to Chap. 3, Sec. (c)?


I am informed that Private G. J. Webb is not registered either as pivotal or for special release on Army Form Z 56, and from the information given in my hon. Friend's question he would not appear to be eligible for demobilisation under Army Order 55, of 1919, unless he is over thirty-seven years of age or is entitled to wear three or more wound stripes. I am having some further inquiry made into the case.