HC Deb 04 March 1919 vol 113 c193

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he will consider the desirability of issuing instructions to the effect that any minister of religion, serving in the Army in any other capacity than as a chaplain, who desires to resume his calling in civil life, and whose return is desired by the authorities of the church to which he belongs, should be granted immediate demobilisation?

43. Lieutenant-Colonel Sir J. HOPE

asked the Secretary of State for War whether ministers of religion who are serving in the Army in other capacities than that of chaplains can now be released?


The answer is in the affirmative, provided they are eligible for demobilisation under existing Regulations.


Will no special consideration be given to these incumbents of churches who are not serving in the capacity of chaplains in the Army, who are required to look after their churches at home; and is the right hon. Gentleman aware that there are forty ministers of the Church of Scotland so employed at the present time who are urgently required in Scotland?


I hope I shall not be pressed at this stage to make exceptions. Under this scheme the hardship is mitigated by the fact that there are no exceptions, except on extreme compassionate grounds.