HC Deb 24 June 1919 vol 117 cc4-5
12. Mr. HURD

asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office why Private E. C. Norville, No. 2053G, A Company, 52nd Hants Regiment, at present attached to the Royal Defence Corps, Ancotts, near Doncaster, received only 7s. per week Army Pay from October, 1917, until 11th February, 1919; why from 11th February, 1919, he has received only 17s. per week instead of 21s. per week; why his mother, Mrs. Clara L. Norville, did not receive payment of the Government allowance of 2s. per week from 20th August, 1917, until 23rd July, 1918, although her son's identity certificate, No. V 522414, was received by her on 24th August, 1917, along with the authority for her to draw a voluntary allotment of 3s. 6d. per week made to her by her son; and whether further steps can be taken to quicken the settlement of outstanding questions of pay and allowances?


Pay has been credited to this soldier at the following rates: 1s. a day from 20th August, 1917, to 28th September, 1917; 1s. 6d. a day from 29th September, 1917, to 19th August, 1918; and 1s. 7d. a day from 20th August, 1918, to 31st January, 1919; 3s. 1d. a day from 1st February, 1919. From these rates a voluntary allotment of 6d. a day has been deducted in each case, and has been paid to the man's mother throughout. From 23rd May, 1918, she has been paid, in addition, dependant's allowance of 2s. a week, which was increased to 5s. a week from 5th November, 1918. Dependant's allow- ance is issuable from the date from which a claim is made, which date in this case was 23rd May, 1918.