HC Deb 24 June 1919 vol 117 cc6-7

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he has made himself acquainted with the Regulations governing the release of soldiers on compassionate grounds; whether he is aware that the conditions laid down are almost impossible of fulfilment, especially the Regulation relating to a widow claiming the release of her son; whether ho is aware that many of these widows are seventy years of age; whether he knows that to successfully claim release of her son a widow must have two children dependent on her as well as being unable to earn anything herself; and whether he is prepared to make any changes in the conditions of release on compassionate grounds?

Captain GUEST (Joint Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury)

As the House was informed in the Debate on the Army Estimates on the 29th May, my right hon. Friend is considering whether compassionate cases on other than purely family grounds cannot now come into consideration, at any rate, for a limited number. In addition to the information which was given to my hon. and learned Friend the Member for York on the 6th June with regard to the probable number of soldiers who will be demobilised as a result of the recent Regulations, I may say that the actual number demobilised during the first month after the issue of the Regulations was 5,252.


Will the new Regulations extending compassionate grounds be published shortly?

Captain GUEST

Yes, very shortly indeed now.


Does he really expect widows of seventy years of age to have two children of school age dependent on them?

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