HC Deb 05 June 1919 vol 116 cc2201-2

(by Private Notice) asked the Leader of the House if his attention has been called to a report that certain Labour leaders and other persons of politicial and financial influence have brought pressure to bear on the Prime Minister to modify the terms of peace in a manner favourable to Germany; and will he say who are the persons referred to, and whether they include Mr. Ramsey Macdonald and Mr. Arthur Henderson? I ask the right hon. Gentleman to make a statement on this question in order to relieve the anxiety of the public in regard to this matter.


As my hon. Friend will understand, I have not had time, since I received notice of this question, to communicate with Paris, but I do not think there is any cause for the anxiety to which my hon. Friend refers. I can assure the House that neither the Prime Minister nor any other delegate will be influenced by any particular interest, but will be guided by what they believe to be the public interest. As a matter of fact, I feel certain that the Prime Minister has not seen either of the gentlemen mentioned, although he would have a perfect right to see either of them. To the best of my knowledge the only people whom He has consulted are the British and overseas delegates now in Paris, and a considerable number of his colleagues in the Government who went to Paris for the express purpose of discussing the matter with him. My colleagues may have political influence but I am sure they have no financial influence.


May I ask my right hon. Friend whether he is in a position to give any information at all as to the report which is very authoritatively stated, hat the Prime Minister is at variance with the French Prime Minister and the President of the United States on the question of the modifications of the terms of Peace in a direction favourable to Germany?


I am sure that my hon. Friend must realise that, if there were any truth in such a statement, it would not be right for me to discuss it.


Get 400 to send him another telegram