HC Deb 02 June 1919 vol 116 c1680

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Munitions whether he can state what amount of surplus Government stores were sold from the date of the Armistice to the time of the setting up of the Disposal Board; and what quantity afterwards up to the present time?


Since the date of the Armistice stores to the value of £100,761,597 have been sold—£54,214,660 being stores on trading account and £46,546,937 surplus stores proper. Of the £54,214,660 on trading account £33,759,990 has been realised since the setting up of the Disposal Board on 11th January, and of the £46,546,937 on surplus stores proper £34.201,339 has been realised during the same period.

73. Captain BOWYER

asked the First Commissioner of Works whether, in view of the appearance in the "Times" of 26th May of an advertisement by the Commissioners of His Majesty's Office of Works asking for tenders for the supply of 1,800 tons of corrugated iron, he will state whether inquiries were first made to find out whether the Minister of Munitions or any other Department had surplus stocks of corrugated iron on hand, what answers were received to those inquiries; and what length of time elapsed between the dispatch of the inquiries and the insertion of the advertisement referred to above?


Inquiry was made of the Surplus Government Property Disposal Board, who stated that they had no such material of the gauge required. The reply to the last part of the question is three days.