HC Deb 30 July 1919 vol 118 cc2092-3
14. Viscount CURZON

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty if he can make any statement as to what progress has been made with the salvage of the ex-German Fleet at Scapa, and as to whether a Court of Inquiry has been held into the circumstances attending the sinking of the ships referred to; and if he is in a position to make any further statement with reference to any new facts which may have transpired as to the preparations made by the Germans for, it?

The FIRST LORD of the ADMIRALTY (Mr. Long)

The present situation with regard to salvage of the ex-German Fleet at Scapa is:

1 battleship, "Baden,"

3 light cruisers, "Emden," "Frankfurt, "Nurnberg," and

15 destroyers are salved.

Salvage operations on three more destroyers are proceeding, but no further steps are being taken, at present with regard to the remainder of ships and destroyers. I have nothing at present to add to the statement I have already made. It is not proposed to hold a Court of Inquiry.

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

Are steps being taken to get hold of the very powerful German salvage plant at Hamburg and Bremen to assist in the salving of these ships?


No, I do not think anything of that sort is necessary. I believe we have the best salvage plant in the world.

45. Viscount CURZON

asked the Prime Minster what has been decided as to the fate of any ex-German ships salved at Scapa Flow and also the ex-German "Goeben"?


I am informed that no decision has yet been taken by the Peace Conference in Paris.


Before the Government come to any decision in regard to repairing these vessels will they take into account the fact that at the present time there is an enormous amount of repairs necessary for merchant ships, and that it is much more important to repair them than these warships?


I am quite sure the Government thoroughly agrees with my hon. Friend, and they would never agree to take time and money for repairing these ships.