HC Deb 18 July 1919 vol 118 cc844-5

(1) Part III. of the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890 (in this Act referred to as the Act of 1890), shall, after the commencement of this Act, extend to, and take effect in, every urban district or town in Ireland for which it has not been adopted as if it had been so adopted, and it shall be the duty of the local authority of every such urban district or town for the purposes of Part III. of the Act of 1890 to consider the needs of the district or town with respect to the provision of houses for the working classes, and within three months after the passing of this Act, and thereafter as often as occasion arises, to prepare and submit to the Local Government Board a scheme fur the exercise of their powers under the said Part III.


I beg to move, in Subsection (1), to leave out the word "such." This is a mere drafting Amendment, and the omission of this word is proposed in order to make it perfectly clear that the Bill applies to every urban authority throughout Ireland.

Amendment agreed to.