HC Deb 10 July 1919 vol 117 cc1979-80

I beg to move That the Resolution of the Select Committee on Standing Orders of the 28th May with respect to the London County Council (Tramways and improvements) (Petition for Bill) be referred hack to the said Committee, and that they have power to inquire whether there are any special circumstances which render it just and expedient that the Standing Orders should be dispensed with in respect of Part V. of the Bill referred to in the Petition and the provisions relating thereto. This matter now relates only to the omnibuses, the rest having been withdrawn—

Lieut.-Colonel Sir F. HALL

I am sorry, Mr. Speaker, but we cannot hear a word the hon. Gentleman is saying.


The Bill originally came before the Standing Orders Committee, and then dealt with a very large area outside that of the London County Council. Since then the county council has withdrawn all the Clauses relating to outside areas, and are now asking simply for powers of working for omnibuses within their own area. The Bill now simply and solely deals with the London County Council's area, and their omnibus arrangements. I hope, under these circumstances, the House will let the Resolution pass.


I heard there was some objection, but if it is agreed to, I have nothing more to say.

Question put, and agreed to.