HC Deb 08 July 1919 vol 117 cc1592-3
29. Colonel YATE

asked the Secretary of State for War whether, in the case of the dispatch of troops to India during the summer months, arrangements will be made that all the men on board will be able to sleep on deck during their passage through the Red Sea?

37. Lieut.-Commander WILLIAMS

asked the Secretary of State for War what arrangements are being made for the health and comfort of troops on voyage to India during the hot season?


The special arrangements for the voyage to India during the hot weather season include the fixing of an ample scale of accommodation in the ships based on approximately 50 per cent. of the normal scale of accommodation for troops on this voyage. As far as possible men will be permitted to sleep on deck. I am told that practically all who want to, and who are not on duty, will be able to do so. Each vessel is fitted with double awnings, windsails, and provided with sail and shower baths. Special attention is being paid to ventilation, and electric fans will be installed where desirable. The hospital is to be on the cool side of the ship. Ice is being provided on a liberal scale, and an ample supply of mineral waters will be available. All ranks will be provided on embarkation with good sun helmets. Every vessel allocated for this service is thoroughly inspected before being accepted as suitable by selected officers of the War Office, who, in conjunction with an officer of the Ministry of Shipping, are charged with inquiring into all matters affecting the health and comfort of the troops, and satisfy themselves that all possible steps are taken to minimise the hardships of the voyage. I may add that the Cabinet have themselves been into this question, and have approved of these special arrangements.

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