HC Deb 02 July 1919 vol 117 cc947-8
27. Captain BAGLEY

asked how many demobilised officers are registered as wanting employment and, based on the experience of the latest four weeks, what is the average number of fresh applicants registered and vacancies filled per week; and whether an unemployed officer is entitled to draw unemployed pay?


The number of applications for employment registered in the Appointments Department is 14,355, but this figure includes an unknown number of applicants who have since obtained employment without notifying the fact to the Department. In the four weeks ended on the 27th June, 1919, the weekly averages of fresh applications and of vacancies filled were 761 and 370, respectively. All these figures include not only discharged and demobilised officers, but discharged and demobilised men of similar educational promise. Discharged and demobilised officers are eligible for civilian policies under the out-of-work donation scheme, subject to the usual conditions attaching to such policies, but many ex-officers may be ruled out by the condition that applicants for civilian policies must have been employed contributors under the National Health Insurance Scheme before the 25th August, 1918.

Captain BAGLEY

Does the hon. Gentleman realise that by this rule the great majority of officers are ruled out of participation in unemployment benefit, and that the number of unemployed officers according to the figures which he has given is being added to at the rate of 400 a week, and will he consider some scheme for giving them unemployment benefit the same as the ordinary soldier?


I believe that there are special arrangements in the case of officers with regard to civil liabilities which tend to mitigate the evil that has been referred to by my hon. Friend, but I will inquire.

Colonel ASHLEY

if the facts are as stated by the hon. Gentleman in his answer, is not the rate of unemployment among officers increasing week by week, and what is he going to do to meet that great need?


I do not think that it is increasing week by week, though it has increased in this particular week, certainly. A great many things are being done to meet the case of the demobilised officer.