HC Deb 01 July 1919 vol 117 c766

Can we have any information on the question of the Peace Celebrations?


It has been decided that thanksgiving services will be held throughout the country on Sunday next. A service will be held at St. Paul's Cathedral at 11 a.m., at which Their Majesties will be present. The Speaker will also be present, and' the House of Commons will be invited to attend. Ladies will also be invited. Morning dress will be worn. I may add that Mr. Speaker has already arranged that his secretary will receive the names of hon. Members who wish tickets for themselves and their wives. Similarly the Lord Chancellor and Members of the House of Lords will also be invited to attend. Further, it is contemplated that the general national rejoicing shall be held on Saturday, 19th July. Celebrations will be held in London in which the Navy, Army, Air Force, and various subsidiary services, and the Mercantile Marine will be represented, and in. which American troops who will be passing through London at that time will be invited to take part. Detailed announcements will be made at an early date. The day will be one, it is hoped, of general rejoicing in London and every part of the country, and I hope, also, throughout the Empire. Local bodies and communities will organise their celebrations in their own way.

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