HC Deb 01 July 1919 vol 117 cc741-2
4. Brigadier-General CROFT

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will state when Mr. Graham, now or recently Consul of Lyons, adopted the name of Graham; whether this gentleman is of British origin; and why he was removed from the Consulate at Amsterdam, and appointed to a subordinate post at Lyons?

Sir A. STEEL-MA1TLAND (Department of Oversea Trade)

Mr. Graham is a British-born subject. His father's name was Michaelides, who was naturalised nearly fifty years ago, and who has always been resident in British dominions. Mr. Graham took his mother's maiden name on entering the Consular Service. Mr. Graham's proper posts have been in Guatemala and Colon respectively. He has, however, acted temporarily elsewhere during the War, owing to the stress of work in Europe. In Amsterdam he was Acting Consul, and he is now Acting Consul-General at Lyons. Mr. Graham still holds the appointment of Consul at Colon, and will proceed to that post as soon as a successor to the Consul-General at Lyons is appointed.

Brigadier-General CROFT

Was he born in this country?


I have every reason to think so.

5. Brigadier-General CROFT

asked whether a letter from a British Chamber of Commerce in Paris with regard to Mr. Hearn, the present Consul-General in Paris, which was received by the Foreign Office, has now been communicated to him; and whether consideration has been given to that communication?


Due consideration was given to a letter from the British Chamber of Commerce in Paris in regard to Mr. Hearn, and the Chamber were informed in reply that the decision in regard to Mr. Hearn's retirement from the service could not be reversed. The Chamber's letter was not communicated to Mr. Hearn.

Sir J. D. REES

If there is nothing known against these gentlemen does it not weaken their position, and is it not undesirable to have suggestions made?


I am not aware that there is anything suggested against them.

Sir J. D. REES

I refer to the intention of the questions.

Lieut.-Colonel MALONE

May we assume that the appointment of Mr. Maxse in Paris still holds good?


That question is under reconsideration.

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