HC Deb 25 February 1919 vol 112 cc1561-2

asked whether a man is regarded as fit for demobilisation providing his papers were through satisfactorily by 15th January, 1919; if so, whether he is aware that the same man is still being retained under an order issued on 7th February, 1919; if he will investigate the case, and, if proved correct, guarantee this man immediate release from the Army;and whether he is aware of the discontent prevalent owing to a distinction being drawn between the Air Force and the Army by the application of Army Order No. 14, of last January?


It is not quite clear to what class of man the hon. Member is referring in the first part of his question. Unless the man has been certified by the Ministry of Labour as a civil demobiliser or pivotal man and registered as such by the War Office before the 1st February, 1919, his demobilisation would depend on his being eligible under the recent Army Orders making provisionfor the Armies of Occupation. As the hon. Member has not given particulars of the soldier referred to, it is impossible to investigate the case. The Army Order mentioned in the last part of the question does not apply to the Royal Air Force, members of which are subject to Air Force Regulations.


Will the right hon. Gentleman take this case into immediate and earnest consideration if I send him all the particulars, and can he state the reason why the Air Force Regulations are so vastly different to the Army Regulations?


I shall be much obliged if the hon. Member will send me particulars of the case and I will have them looked into. Every effort is being made to make the Air Force Regulations to march in step with the War Office Regulations with regard to demobilisation. Certain diversities of practice had grown up before the two offices were made into one, and it is not possible to sweep away all the arrangements made under these diverse practices.