HC Deb 13 February 1919 vol 112 c265
46. Lieutenant-Colonel GUINNESS

asked the Prime Minister whether the total cost of the War to the British Empire has yet been assessed; and whether a claim for compensation will be pressed at the Peace Conference rot merely for direct war damage, including cost of war pensions, but also for all outlay on armaments, munitions, personnel, and all other extraordinary expenditure in connection with the War?

53. Lieutenant-Colonel Sir J. NORTON GRIFFITHS

asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the promises made at the recent election, he is in a position to make any statement with regard to the payment of indemnities by Germany and the Central Powers?

59. Colonel YATE

asked the Prime Minister whether the British claim for an indemnity from Germany and other enemy countries will include a claim for all military expenditure in connection with the War on all fronts or only a claim for actual damage done, such as ships funk by submarines and destruction by aeroplane bombs, etc.?

77. Mr. GWYNNE

asked the Prime Minister whether figures have yet been prepared, or are in course of preparation, showing the amount to be claimed by this country from Germany in respect of the War; and whether the claim will include not only actual damage done, but the cost we have been put to in carrying on the War?


The British delegates on the Commission are definitely instructed to claim an indemnity which will include the costs of the War as well as damage actually inflicted, and the Commission are now considering the amount to be claimed, the method in which payment can be made, and the means of enforcing payment.