HC Deb 22 December 1919 vol 123 cc972-3
3. Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

asked the President of the Board of Trade how many cases of alleged profiteering in wholesale articles are being investigated by the Board of Trade; how many decisions in such cases have been reached since the Profiteering Act became law; how many cases of trusts and combines are being investigated; and how many decisions have ben reached?


The Central Committee, to which the powers of the Board of Trade under the Profiteering Act in relation to wholesale transactions have been delegated, have investigated and decided thirty-eight specific complaints. Ten investigations in respect of trusts or combines have been instituted in five of which a Report or Interim Report has been rendered.

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

In the cases mentioned was profiteering proved, and have any proceedings been taken or has anything been done?


Oh, yes. In all cases action is being taken, but in all cases we are not rushing it because we do not want to create a great disturbance of trade. We are taking it slowly and where people do not yield we are applying pressure.


asked the President of the Board of Trade how many public authorities in Ireland should have set up committees under the Profiteering Act; and how many have done so?


One hundred and twelve local authorities in Ireland, out of 309 to whom invitations were sent, have already established or are about to establish local committees under the Profiteering Act. At present only twenty-three local authorities have definitely refused to establish local committees.


asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he is aware that prosecutions under the Profiteering Act are proceeded with before justices whilst appeals are pending in respect of the same offences from decisions of the local profiteering tribunals; and whether he will take steps to prevent this procedure being continued?


The Regulations for local committees provide that if an appeal is duly made from the decision of the local committee action on any Order shall be suspended until the result of the appeal is known. In one case which was brought to notice, a local committee were proceeding with a prosecution while an appeal was pending, and their attention was immediately called to this Regulation.

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