HC Deb 22 December 1919 vol 123 c1158

This Act shall apply to Scotland subject to the following modifications:

  1. (1) "Arbitrator" means "arbiter"; "easement" means "servitude"; "receiver" means "judicial factor"; and "restrain" includes interdict:
  2. (2) In appointing advisory committees under Section four of this Act, the Electricity Commissioners shall appoint a committee for Scotland:
  3. (3) In the application of the Section of this Act relating to power of undertakers, etc., to give financial assistance—
    1. (a)References to a county district and to a metropolitan borough shall not apply;
    2. (b) References to a borough or a municipal borough shall be construed as references to any burgh to which the Town Councils (Scotland) Act, 1900, applies;
    3. (c) For the references to the Minister of Health, to the Local Government Act, 1888, and to the Public Health Act, 1875, there shall be substituted references respectively to the Secretary for Scotland, to the Local Government (Scotland) Act; 1889, and to the Public Health (Scotland) Act, 1897;
    4. (d) Any expenses incurred by a county council under the said Section shall be. defrayed out of the general purposes rate: provided that., notwithstanding any thing contained in the Local Government (Scottland) Act, 1889, the ratepayers of 'a police burgh shall not be assessed by a county council for any such expenses; and any expenses so incurred by a town council shall be defrayed out of the public health general assessment: provided that such expenses shall not be reckoned in any calculation as to the statutory limit of that assessment.

Lords Amendments: In Sub-section (1); leave out the words "arbitrator" means "arbiter"; "easement" means "servitude"; "receiver" means "judicial factor"—Agreed to.

Leave out Sub-section (3).—Agreed to.