HC Deb 22 December 1919 vol 123 cc1019-20
Viscount CU RZON (by Private Notice)

asked the Minister of Labour whether he can state the number of officers and men of like educational standing in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and Reserve now retired or demobilised who are on the register of the Appointments Department as candidates for (a) training, (b) appointments; with regard to those under (b), how many does he anticipate will still be unemployed and, therefore, without adequate means of subsistence, unless in posession of private means, by the 1st March, 1920?


As regards the first part of the question, information at the disposal of the Chief Naval Adviser, Appointments Department, shows that on the 19th December, 1,713 ex-officers and men of like standing of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Reserve were on the register of the Appointments Department for training, and 1,272 for appointments. As regards the second part of the question, the "live" register of naval applicants for appointments is now increasing at an average rate of thirteen applicants weekly. However, it is hoped that by the 1st March, 1920, the efforts of the recently appointed Naval Advisers and panels of business men in local offices of the Department will have been successful in greatly reducing the number of naval applicants requiring appointment.