HC Deb 19 December 1919 vol 123 c952

Lords Amendments considered.


May I say that with one exception the Amendments are Amendments to bring the Irish Bill into line with the English Bill. No substantial change is suggested. That exception occurs in the Schedule in connection with the constitution of the council. As originally proposed, on its first constitution, the council is to be composed of four persons appointed by the Chief Secretary and six persons appointed by the Chief Secretary after consultation with such associations or organised bodies of nurses or matrons who represent that they desire to be consulted in the matter. The Lords have made four persons into six, arid the six persons have been raised to nine. By an oversight, however, a consequential Amendment altering the total of ten to fifteen was not made. Therefore it will be necessary, if this House decides to agree with the Lords Amendments, that I should move a consequential Amendment repairing that oversight.

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