HC Deb 17 December 1919 vol 123 cc558-9

(3) A Secretary of State may, if it appears desirable on special grounds in any particular case, grant an exemption from the provisions of this Section, but shall not do so unless he is satisfied that the name proposed to be assumed or used, or to be continued to be assumed or used, is in the circumstances of the case a suitable name.

(4) Nothing in this Section shall—

  1. (a) affect the assumption or use or continued assumption or use of any name in pursuance of a Royal licence; or
  2. (b) affect the continuance of the use by any person of a name which he has assumed before the commencement of this Act if he has been granted an exemption under the Defence of the Realm Act or the Aliens Restriction Order; or
  3. (c) prevent the assumption or use by a married woman of her husband's name.

Lords Amendments: In Sub-section (3), leave out the words "or used or to be con- tinned to be assumed or used," and insert instead thereof the words "used or continued."—Agreed to.

In Sub-section (4, b), leave out the word "Act" ["Defence of the Realm Act"], and insert instead thereof the word "Regulations."—Agreed to.

In Sub-section (4, b), after the word "Order" [Aliens Restriction Order"], insert the words "in force on the first day of January, nineteen hundred and nineteen."—Agreed to.