HC Deb 15 December 1919 vol 123 c87

Considered in Committee.

[Mr. WHITLEY in the Chair.]

The SECRETARY of STATE for WAR (Mr. Churchill)

I rise in order to ask your ruling as to whether it might not be for the convenience of the Committee if the Debate were allowed, at any rate in the first instance, to be of a general character? I understand that various Members wish to bring forward questions of a general character. The sole reason for having another day given to Air and Army Supply after so many discussions in this Session was to enable general questions to be raised.


On the point of Order. I support the request of my right hon. Friend. At the same time, I would ask you to make a statement similar to that which you made on a previous occasion for the purposes of safeguarding the conditions and usages of this House in Committee of Supply.


I agree that, in the special circumstances of this year, it is desirable that a general discussion shall be permitted on the first Vote. Of course, it must be understood, as I said on the Navy Estimates, that it is only in the special conditions of this year, and is not to be taken as a general rule.

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