HC Deb 10 December 1919 vol 122 cc1327-8

I desire to call your attention, Mr. Speaker, to the anomalies that exist with regard to voting as between the House of Lords and the House of Commons. I understand that if a Member of the House of Lords passes through the wrong Lobby he has a right, within a limited period, to correct any inadvertence in voting that he may have committed. But this practice does not apply to the House of Commons. May I ask if you will take steps to place the two Houses on the same footing?


I do not think it is any business of this House to concern itself with the procedure of the House of Lords, which in many respects is anomalous. For instance, the Speaker in the House of Lords has no power at all on points of Order. With regard to voting, I understand that the hon. Member for Wallasley (Dr. Macdonald) is rather anxious to alter a vote which he gave the other day by inadvertence. We have had that question raised before, bat I think it would be impossible to permit that to take place in this House. Many Members might in a very short time find it desirable to change their votes, and such change might eventuate in a reversal of the decision arrived at. It is always open to an hon. Member not to vote, or, if he finds he has voted by mistake, to vote again in the opposite Lobby and thereby nullify the first vote.