HC Deb 10 December 1919 vol 122 cc1300-1

asked the Minister of Labour upon what source, or sources, his Department relies for information about the labour movement abroad; whether this information is available on the request of a trade union or other labour organisation in this country; and to what bodies or individuals in foreign countries information about the labour movement in this country is provided?


The answer to this question involves a very long and detailed reply, and I hope I may be allowed to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

The following is the Answer referred to:

The principal sources upon which the Ministry of Labour relies for information about the labour movement abroad are (a) periodical and other publications issued by foreign and Colonial Departments of Labour Statistics, (b) statistical data furnished by such Departments, (c) Reports received through the Foreign Office from His Majesty's representatives abroad, and (d) statements and Reports published in the foreign Press.

The greater part of the information so obtained, in so far as it is of public interest, is summarised regularly in the "Labour Gazette," and any further similar information which is available in the Ministry, in so far as it is not of a confidential character, would be supplied upon request.

Information as to the labour movement in this country is also published regularly in the "Labour Gazette," which is circulated to the Labour and Statistical Departments of the principal foreign and Colonial Governments, to eminent economists and statisticians abroad, to a number of His Majesty's representatives in foreign countries, and to various public institutions abroad. Applications for information are also received from time to time from individuals in foreign countries. In such cases the required particulars are supplied, so far as they are not confidential; but no unpublished information of a confidential character is circulated either to foreign Governments or to individuals.