HC Deb 10 December 1919 vol 122 cc1282-3

asked the Secretary of state for India whether he would give the principal items, with their value in British money, of the Japanese exports to India for the year ended 31st March last; the corresponding figures for the past six months; and what were the import Duties levied on British and Indian goods entering Japan?

The SECRETARY of STATE for INDIA (Mr. Montagu)

I will circulate the figures in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following are the figures referred to:

The following table shows the value of the principal articles imported into India from Japan during the year ending 31st. March, 1919, and the corresponding figures for the five months, 1st April, 1919, to 31st August, 1919, where such figures are available.

Statistics of Indian imports from Japan during the past six months are not available.

The figures are taken from a publication which treats the rupee throughout as equal to 1s. 4d.

Article. 1917–18. August, 1919.
£ £
Apparel (excluding, hosiery and boots and shoes) 211,421 100,234
Bobbins 175,792 *
Building and engineering materials 161,587 *
Chemicals 404,297 *
Cotton, hosiery 490,617 232,785
" twist and yarn 3,552,767 109,398
" piece goods 7,097,493 *
Earthenware 163,418 *
Glass and glassware 552,014 257,457
Haberdashery 124,388 54,365
Hardware 617,529 162,291
Machinery and millwork 164,195 35,446
Instruments and apparatus 323,503 *
Liquors—Ale and beer 247,096 84,230
Matches 1,042,271 345,887
Paints and colours 327,850 23,885
Paper and pasteboard 464,987 *
Metals, aluminium 106,387 *
" brass, bronze, and similar alloys 596,522 *
" copper 263,613 *
" iron and steel 1,162,238 *
" zinc and spelter196.584 196,584 *
Silk, piece goods 1,064,996 787,661
Tea chests 303,082 *
Toys 105,125 *
Wood and timber (excluding tea chests) 189,137 *
Woollen manufactures 222,291 *
*Figures not available.

The same rates of Import Duty are levied on goods imported from the United Kingdom and India into Japan. They vary with the nature of the goods, but are in no case higher than those levied on similar goods from any other foreign country. I shall be happy to send the hon. Member a copy of the Japanese tariff if he so desires. Meantime I may mention that raw cotton, which accounts for 80 to 90 per cent. of the total value of Indian imports into Japan, is admitted free of duty.

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