HC Deb 08 December 1919 vol 122 cc869-70
2. Major KELLEY

asked if the 1s. 2d. per ton is intended to be a flat rate or will some owners get more, as much as 1s. 6d. or 1s. 9d., and others get less, say 3d. or nothing?


The 1s. 2d. per ton. is not intended to be a flat rate. A pool will be formed equal in amount to the aggregate output in tons multiplied by 1s. 2d., and undertakings will draw from the pool in proportion to their pre-war standard of profits.

Captain COOTE

In the case of a colliery company which owns a number of pits, some of which make more than 1s. 2d. and others less or nothing, will the colliery company in question draw 1s. 2d. on the whole of their output, or will they be able to average 1s. 2d. on their whole output?


I do not quite follow the point raised. Each undertaking will draw in relation to its standard.


Will regard be had to the increase of output as compared with pre-war output?


That is a matter which might properly be discussed at a later stage. The present proposal—and this is what the coal owners as a whole point out—is that for this year the profits should be drawn from the pool on a basis of pre-war standard.