HC Deb 04 December 1919 vol 122 cc564-5
78. Colonel MORDEN

asked the Prime Minister whether any arrangements had been made whereby the civilians interned at Ruhleben during the War were to be given compensation for the losses occasioned by their internment; and, if so, what was the basis on which this compensation was to be paid, and what was the Department through which the payments would be made?


Compensation for damage sustained by British civilians formerly interned in Germany is governed by the terms of Annex 1 to Section 1, Part VIII., of the Treaty of Peace with Germany. All claims by British civilians against the German Government in respect of internment have been registered during the War by the Foreign Claims Office of the Foreign Office. These claims will in due course be presented to and considered by the Reparation Commission. That authority alone has the power to decide which of them are entitled to rank under the terms of tile Treaty. The procedure of the Commission, the basis upon which its awards will be made, and the mariner in which the amounts awarded will be paid to the claimants are matters which cannot be determined in advance, but must necessarily await the establishment of the tribunal in question.

Colonel MORDEN

Will the right hon. Gentleman state any approximate date when these claims can be adjusted?


Everything awaits the ratification of the Treaty. Until the Treaty is ratified the Reparation Commission cannot commence its work. The moment it is set up and is in authority I have no doubt all these claims will be considered.


Where are parties to lodge their claims?


I think they are registered with the Foreign Claims Office at the Foreign Office.