HC Deb 04 December 1919 vol 122 c578

asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the urgency of granting international credits, in order to prevent a further collapse of economic life in Central Europe, he would use his influence to have either the Council or the Assembly of the League of Nations, or both, summoned, in order that the League might itself initiate measures for international credit, or any other measures of international co-operation necessary to prevent a further international economic breakdown?


As my Noble friend will see from my reply last week the economic situation in Central Europe is a matter which is causing anxious concern to His Majesty's Government, and about which they are in communication with the United States Government. As to the suggestion made in the question, it is not possible to summon either the Council or the Assembly of the League of Nations until after the ratification of the Treaty of Peace.

Viscount CURZON

May I ask whether it would be possible for Austria to get credit in other countries besides the United States, for instance, the Argentine?


I am afraid not. There is a good deal of material which will have to be purchased in the United States.

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